Premiere: Nashville singer-songwriter Gatton releases new EP, Juvenescent

Photo Credit: Bethany Reed

Nashville singer songwriter Gatton has just released his new EP Juvenescent, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere a stream of it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

all four tracks sit comfortably within the realms of indie folk, with more than a hint of Americana thrown in there. Opening with a cover of Kasey Musgraves ‘Rainbow’, this gentle guitar work and his angelic vocal strikes you and he’s able to draw the emotion out of it. Playing pretend is a more substantial thing, with electric guitar joined by backing vocals and drums accentuating Gatton vocals, while follow on ‘An observation of adulthood’ is a rather lovely spoken word number, poetic and sincere, with this twinkling piano providing accompaniment. The EP ends with the title track, a smart alt-pop song with dual vocals, strings and piano. Wipe your eyes.

On the EP, Gatton told us “Juvenescent… a journey I have taken to make peace with my inner child. A journey that is necessary for all but many avoid. For me, this project is a musical stroll in the park. No one with me. No distractions. Just introspection. A stroll filled with awakening and forgiveness. Forgiveness for myself, for those who hurt me and for those who couldn’t be what I needed them to. I tell more stories than just mine and I ache for the lives that were dealt an unfair hand. Juvenescent highlights what relationships look like with unclaimed baggage. Relationships seem to magnify what you’ve yet to heal. The healing can be beautiful. The healing can be agonizing. But if you can learn to “grow from every wave,” it can be breathtaking. After all, forgiveness is accepting that the past will never be any different.”

Check it out, here

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