We’ve long been fans of Oxford instrumental five piece Maiians, so we’re delighted they’re about to furnish us (and the rest of the world) with an debut, self-titled album. Mixing up post-rock and electronica, and making it work in a live setting (and with two drummers…) is what the band set out to do, and with Parasaur, the first taste of the record, they’ve done that with some style.

Led by the sort of synth sounds that were all over Freez’s I.O.U. (one for the kids…) it’s broken up by post rock ideals, throbbing basslines and this stuttering, insistent drumming. As it begins to unfurl, so the synths change and morph and extend and give you this sense of anxious tension.

Check out the accompanying video, which sees a dinner party gone badly wrong, in stuttering slow motion. Strangely addictive viewing.

Best experienced in all their live, pulsating glory, Maiians play two UK shows next week:

21.07 – OXFORD, The Cellar – http://www. wegottickets.com/event/364716
23.07 – LONDON, Sebright Arms – http://www. wegottickets.com/event/364717

12″ Album Pre-order: