Premiere: ‘No Meaning Man’ – Primo Italo shoegaze maestros We Melt Chocolate cook up a dreamy psychedelic video for the sonic thunderstorm single, with a new album on the way.

Straight out of Florence, We Melt Chocolate are an integral part of the highly impressive Italian psych/shoegaze scene and we are overjoyed at being able to bring you an exclusive look at the video for their thundering new single ‘No Meaning Man’.

‘No Meaning Man’ is shoegaze dream pop heaven: a hazy fugue of guitars, all reverberated and tremeloed, create a curtain of sound, interspersed with a gigantic synth ripple. The vocals pierce the veil with a dreamy layer set high up in the chemically-infused ether: haunting and ethereal, dramatic and bold. The instruments ebb and flow like a riptide, dragging you through the haze and sending you tumbling into the void. It is cathartic and bold, an eviscerating sonic journey.

The band says of the track:

After the sad period of the pandemic ended, we managed to carry on some projects that had remained incomplete before the forced stop. ‘No Meaning Man’ is part of those and is perhaps the song that comes from the furthest away and which over time has undergone various metamorphoses before reaching its current form. The sound tries to find a point of encounter between noise moments and more ethereal moments, a contrast that has always fascinated us.

The song deals with the superficiality of some people:

The lyrics of the song, written by our Vanessa, speak of disillusionment with others, with all those people who increasingly base their lives only on appearance, who perfectly conceal their most total emptiness, dress in attractive and pleasant clothes of false emotions but in reality have no empathy towards others. They don’t have the courage to be themselves and to exist, their lives based on lies and falsehood have no meaning.

The result sits somewhere between the sonic chaos of My Bloody Valentine and the dream pop touched sounds of Slowdive with the muscularity of Ride.

The video is a perfect sauce to the pasta: a psychedelic visual trip laced with a hyperactive rush as the band performs in a kaleidoscope of filtered lights, fog and colour, singer Vanessa in a mesmerising abandoned trance immersed inside the music. The visuals bleed colour and noise, capturing the sweet sugar rush of the song: inducing a sense of euphoria and floating dreams:

The single is out on through Miracle Waves Records and will be available to stream and download through all the usual sites.

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