TRACK: Mt. Wolf and Solomon Grey – ‘Anna Maria’: adorable first fruits from their joint EP

MT. WOLF, the dreampop outfit who have only just been welcomed back to our ears after three years away, have released a new track in vocal collaboration with emotive duo Solomon Grey ahead of a new joint EP in the autumn.

The track is entitled “Anna Maria” and it’s an acoustic-shoegaze swoon, wholly redolent of first-album Bon Iver. It tugs at your heart strings; and it tugs adeptly and hard. 

Luckily we’ve been given it as an embed so you can join us in autumnal appreciation. Check the Spotify link, below.

Mt. Wolf have long been fans of the Solomons, who themselves have been lauded for their pristine sound; their song “Choir To The Wild” proved something of a tour bus favourite for Mt. Wolf.

The band said: “We reached out to them with the instrumental of this track and the response was really positive – both the guys have given a lot to this song, in terms of vocals, songwriting and production.

“The whole collaboration project has been a really fun and inspiring process, and something we can take with us into the next Mt. Wolf album.”

The collaborative EP is due for release on Akira Records later this year. Keep your eyes peeled here at Backseat Mafia for news of that, and at the label’s website.

Stay abreast of Mt. Wolf’s doings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; likewise with Solomon Grey on those socials here, here and here.

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