Premiere: The Fur Shares Elegant New Video For Christmas Single ‘Miracle X’

Swedish Grammy-nominated artist and producer The Fur is back with the elegant new video for the new Christmas single ‘Miracle X’, we’re very excited to be running the premiere!

A festive twist on the previously released ‘Miracle’, ‘Miracle X’ couples its rich, emotive soundscape with some stunning vocals courtesy of GET UP Soul Choir. A unique blend of R&B, Soul and Pop the ballad packs an infectious chorus, delivered with stunning impact thanks to the choir’s layers of harmonies.

Opening as a simplistic meld of piano, subtle festive bells and vocals, the track soon burst into life with drums, bass and awash of strings courtesy of Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.

Speaking on the new Christmas single, The Fur shares:
“I felt that you could do something more Christmassy with the original song. To simply make a good contribution to Christmas music. You get really tired of all the commercial Christmas music that is played everywhere. Miracle has a Christmassy message where you ask for a miracle, but it doesn’t sound like a typical Christmas song. It feels like a song you can imagine listening to at Christmas, but it stands out a little from the crowd.”

A affecting, warming and undeniably impactful and commercially viable effort, ‘Miracle X’ certainly packs a punch and showcases what a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist the solo artist is. Couple with the new video, The fur once again offers up content with a professional sheen that deserves widespread acclaim.

Watch the new video below:

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