Describing Morning Report, the new album from Hamilton quintet Arkells, singer Max Kerman says “Many of the songs are inspired by friends and family: I have a lot of interesting characters in my life and take a lot of joy in being able to write about them. “A lot of songs start from what happened the night before – that’s where the title comes from: friends who text the next day and demand ‘Give me the morning report!’” Max continues, “this is our weirdest, funniest, saddest record yet, and therefore, our most honest one, too.”

From the new record, the band have released a new video for Private School. The track is driven with this piano riff right at the start, but quickly settles into this shuffling alt-rock, decorated with catchy chorus’ and big riffs. The video sees Kerman in a photoshoot, with notable extras Tokyo Police Club’s Dave Mons and Sum 41’s Steve Jocz. Check it out, here