Track: The Bandicoots – Overnight Innovator

We’re Back! claimed the email. We bowed our heads in shame that we’d not just missed the Hamilton, Ontario quartet The Bandicoots, but completely missed whatever it was they were doing before they went away. That shame ran even deeper when we listened to the band (Nicolai Kozel, Andrew Parkinson, Lorant Polya and Justin Ross, as a little detective work led me to find out) and their new single Overnight Innovator.

It bursts into indie pop life from its very outset, this twisting ready bassline providing the main accompaniment to the vocal for the first verse, before these chiming, winding guitars add their two penneth to the mix. If there’s a heartbeat within that body of yours, it’ll make you want to move about, as it winds to a thrilling conclusion.

The Bandicoots. We’re sorry. We promise we will undoubtedly miss you in the future. Check out Overnight Innovator below, and follow the links to grab it on a free download

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