Premiere: Paul Jacks – You’re gonna learn to love someday

Alaskan singer-songwriter Paul Jacks has recently released a new album, In other words, which dropped on August 9th via Anchrage’s Tritone Records. From it, he’s released a new video for ‘You’re gonna learn to love someday’, and we’re delighted to premiere it on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the song, Paul told us exclusively “I decided to end the album story with this feeling of exhaustion, and how it can lead us to drastic measures. It’s meant to inspire a glimpse of hopefulness, and a sense of closure and acceptance. The letting go and moving on. And the video gave it more dimensions than I could even imagine. I worked with a great team of artists for this production and it really proved to me that we are larger than ourselves, and I became self-aware of that on a more personalized level that we all experience the struggles of life together. Our daughters are in the video too so it felt like we were making it for them as well. They will always have this video to remember that experience”

There’s a hope and a melancholy in the song, as Jack’s baritone casts emotion around as he steers it along, the melodies memorable but almost weary, wary of the emotion that surrounds it.

The accompanying video tells the story of a girl struggling with depression and contemplating suicide. However, as the title of the song suggests, it turns out not all doom and gloom. Check it out, here

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  1. August 15, 2019

    Absolutely love it.
    Thanks Jim

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