Premiere: Reading’s The Schoolboys Return With Moody New Single ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’

Reading based, The Schoolboys return with their moody, sublime new single ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’ and we’re excited to be running the premiere.

Immediately reminiscent of Joy Devision with it’s understated yet affecting delivery, the new single possesses a haunting, introspective quality which is enticing straight from the off. Fuzzy guitar lines, tight drums and bass and subtle arpeggiated synth lines come together to create a dark indie atmosphere under the understated, yet affecting vocal delivery from The Schoolboys songwriter and main member Luke.

A moody track which manages to capture the cynical yet bitingly honest lyricism of The Smiths blended with the almost messy, murky and yet strikingly harmonious instrumentation akin to the likes of The Strokes and Slowdive, ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’ is moody, charming and effortlessly cool.

Offering an insight into the writing and inspiration behind the track, The Schoolboys :

“Ever since I heard ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’ by The Cookies, I wanted to make a male version. Theirs was a very bubblegum, 60’s, jubilant version – very summertime. I wanted to write something nocturnal and uncivilised, but intellectual and romantic.” 

Listen below:

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