EP Review: Anaïs Cardot – Pink Magnolia

The Breakdown


A display of elegant vocal runs, soulful, emotive writing and delicate soundscapes Anaïs Cardot shines on the new EP ‘Pink Magnolia’. A multilingual, the French and Gabonese artist touches on topics of self-love, mental health, and a consistent wrestling with sadness throughout the 6 track release offers personal songwriting and beautiful melodic tenderness.

The opening track ‘Can’t Explain’ introduces the silky smooth vocals, pinpoint runs and melancholic songwriting over a delicate soundscape of warming piano and strings. ‘¿Qué te gusta de ti?’ continues the trend with picked nylon strung guitars under the english sung verses and Spanish choruses, and layers of beautiful vocal harmonies. Capturing R&B undertones whilst leaning into a stripped, understated and stunningly beautiful and emotive approach, the first two tracks create a chilled, understated and utterly captivating aura.

Elsewhere, ‘Colors’ captures a dreamy, etherial simplicity with it’s guitar and vocal opening, before growing into a bouncing R&B beat and subby bass to give the fragile, delicate nature of Cardot’s vocal performance a driving sense of energy. Continuing to grow the track introduces some spine tingling brass in it’s latter stage, emphasising the jazz undertones in the sonic pallet.

Elsewhere, ‘Purple Room’ one again leans into the R&B/ Neo-Soul side of Cardot’s sound whilst the closing track ‘Élodie’ closes with a optimistic euphoric, blend of nylon strung guitars and an anthemic chorus of voices which repeat the ear-worm vocal melodies.

Speaking about the EP, Anaïs Cardot explains: “Pink Magnolia, a name with dual significance, captures the essence of my musical journey. Its roots lie in the evocative scent that followed me during the creation of these heartfelt songs, each a reflection of my transformative experiences over the past few years. I sought to depict my evolving thoughts and emotions throughout the process.

The title also serves as a metaphor, comparing my artistic journey to the Pink Magnolia’s enchanting bloom. Like the flower, this body of work remained veiled, hidden from the world before revealing its beauty, vulnerability and authenticity that resonates deeply with the listener. Thus, Pink Magnolia stands as a testament to growth, encapsulating the journey of the flower.

A wonderful, transportive and utterly spending collection of tracks that are delicate and understated, ‘Pink Magnolia’ is simply wonderful. It does not try to hard, it does not need to but it is still beautifully creative and more than anything else, soulful, personal, heartfelt and honest. Every performance feels like Anaïs is pouring the words straight from her heart onto the recording, whilst the delicate and wonderfully thought out soundscapes create a pillowy, intricate bed for her silky vocal tone to lie on. It’s wonderful.

Listen for yourself below:

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