Premiere: Simon Robert Gibson pays tribute to his musical heroes in his own eloquent and erudite way in single ‘Salvation’.

Simon Robert Gibson may well sing salvation is found in songs from a list of his musical heroes, but his hope to be listed amongst the few is boosted by his new single ‘Salvation’, which we are honoured to premiere today. Lush instrumentation and an indelible melody serve this song well, as does the direct and eloquent appraisal of some musical legends that Gibson has actually played with as a drummer. Gibson says:

I guess it’s the song I always wanted to write, just talking directly about how central music has always been to my life. How a three minute song can literally save your life.

With ‘Salvation’ I’m saying thanks for all I’ve learned from those talented friends and all the great experiences I’ve had as a result of those friendships. To be playing drums while songwriters like Tom Morgan, Paul Andrews, Nic Dalton, Simon Holmes, Alannah Russack or my brother Adam etc. are playing a new song for the first time or a bonafide classic to a packed pub has been one of the great privileges of my life. And the change that is coming? Well maybe my songs will have a similar effect on others someday.

It’s a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a who’s who list of indie legends and one that many music lovers and musicians can appreciate (but not all with the same exquisite and unique expression Gibson provides). There is an endearing homespun quality to Gibson’s writing that makes it immediately accessible and reflective of the human condition. ‘Salvation’ reveals a richer and lusher musical approach: a jingle jangle heaven.

‘Salvation’ is out on Monday, 8 November 2021. Gibson will be releasing an album ‘Shined Bright The Day’ on 26 November 2021, containing ‘Salvation’ and earlier single ‘Laying Low’ (reviewed by me here). Of course Gibson’s other band is The Aerial Maps which recently released its majestic ‘Intimate Hinterland’ album (reviewed by me here). 

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