Premiere: Skuff Micksun rolls with the punches on soaring new single ‘BANK BROKE’

Meet Skuff Micksun. He’s apparently amassed himself quite a following on TikTok, but if you’re entirely removed from that particular social medium then we think you’ll find his songs speak for themselves. The Cleveland, Ohio native’s been active for a few years but hit his stride in 2021 and shows no signs of slowing down. His first release of the year was an acoustic version of last year’s ‘Slowly’, but he’s gearing up for bigger things later in 2023.

The first taste of those comes in the form of the effervescent new track ‘BANK BROKE’, which we’re premiering today. It’s a song about being broke as shit after quitting your job but powering through regardless. Per Micksun: “I had recently quit my job and checked my bank account which triggered the first lyric and title of the song, ‘BANK BROKE.’ It felt so good to get that raw emotion of being down and out into a song that feels hopeful and upbeat. ‘BANK BROKE’ is a voice in your head that just won’t let you quit no matter how hard things get. We’ve all been in what seems to be impossible positions and I think many people will relate to that feeling. Simply, an anthem for the people who are really trying to crawl their way out of a hole.”

It’s a song that’s got one foot in glitchy electronics and the other in massive, towering alt-rock. Throw in a real earworm of a chorus and Micksun is golden – this is taken from a new EP called Wrapped Up in Wind, out later in the year. We’re sharing the new song with you ahead of release this week via Ninetone, so tap in below and be prepared to have this in your head for a while.

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