Premiere: ThisMinority Shares Video For New Single ‘BELLS’

New Orleans’ ThisMinority shares vibrant new visuals for the new single ‘BELLS’, a brilliant video to match some expertly crafted alternative hip-hop. We’re very excited to be running the premiere!

A track which brings together a swelling, warm and subtly ambient electronic backdrop with ThisMinority’s effortlessly infectious flow, the single captures the rich, multifaceted musical approach that the artist prides himself on. Moving from the Majestic Casual-esque opening to more intense distorted, bass heavy moments the track moves brilliantly from section to section, matching the energy of the rapping with elegant and beautifully thought out production.

As the track enters it’s latter section, the track ambient elements are bought to the fore as the music takes on a choppy, glitching, yet serene and ethereal air as high spheres of synth comparable to Bonobo dance around ThisMinority’s chilled delivery.

Visually, the new video perfectly reflects the musics vibe and pace. Blending mixed media with video of the rappers energetic performance, the videos blend of abstract paint drips and live performance is really effective in adding to the tracks depthy musical approach. In the tracks climax, the video explodes into a glitching fast paced loop that adds to the growing energy within the music.

On the new single, the artist shares:

“After seeing an article last year about my home town, New Orleans, being murder capital of the US, I wrote a track in story form to show a day in The Big Easy. The Bells throughout the track may cause you to ask “is he dreaming or living in reality?” With a reputation of Magic and being announced as a capital for Murder one could say that the dream is reality when violence is avoided in the small but weighted city.”

Watch and listen below:

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