Exclusive: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald records ‘I Love That Sound’ in session for Backseat Mafia

With his album ‘Love Valley’ out at the end of the week, we’re delighted that Canadian singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald has recorded an At Home Session exclusively for Backseat Mafia, featuring one of the songs Taken from the album, I love that sound.

The album saw Michael make a set of songs that are warm and personal, saying “This is the first record I’ve written completely on my own since my early recordings. I decided to relearn how to write at home and penned most of this in the kitchen. Instead of writing about what I was experiencing, or what I had experienced I wrote about a dream for the future”, he explains. “I’ve started to wonder if these songs, that I sing hundreds of times a year, are slightly prophetic. With that in mind I wrote this thematic record about where I wanted to go, and how I wanted it to feel.”, he adds.

I Love that Sound certainly fits in with the sound of the album, as he gently picks and accompanies himself on his guitar, laying down these almost whispered vocals. In the recorded version things unfurl into something bigger and noisier, but there’s something perfect about this even more intimate version.

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