Say Psych: Live Review: Future Sounds @ The White Hotel, Salford 23.06.2018

Something a little bit special is taking place at Salford’s The White Hotel today, with a line up humbly called Future Sounds hosted by Manchester promoters Strange Days.

I arrive in time to catch Meggie Brown, a London four piece who channel a lo-fi sound blended with shoegaze and psychedelic vibes. The motley looking quartet channel hearty bass lines, a stunning female vocal part and catchy guitar riffs. Their early slot does nothing to dampen the spirit of the crowd who dance along happily. With a track whose music is taken from the infamous ‘Sweet Jane’, they add their own slant with evocative vocals and slight key changes.

Hotel Lux host Portsmouth origins but call South London home and have been garnering popularity thanks to coverage from NME and the like as well as supporting HMLTD, Shame and Yak. Named after a communist safe house, the five piece offer a sound consisting of probing bass lines, melodic guitar riffs that hook and a vocal tone reminiscent of early Faris Badwan. There are haunting synth sounds thrown in in part for good measure and lashings of attitude throughout.

The Blinders have been gathering increasing attention over the past year, and rightly so. They appear here tonight following a sell-out headliner performance at Manchester’s Gorilla recently and the crowd pack out The White Hotel in anticipation. Their set features tracks such as ‘Brave New World’ with its rolling bass line and persistent drum beat, ‘L’etat C’est Moi’ with its powerful lyrics and synchronised elements that work in perfect harmony and arguably the best of the set ‘Swine’ with a countenance so catchy that there isn’t a still set of feet in the room (and Willy Wonka lyrics for those who appreciate such adages). The packed venue laps up with swagger willingly, cheering and whooping appreciatively.

Sports Team met and formed at Cambridge University and through fun right back into a jaded indie scene. They have a job on their hands following that set, but they rise to the occasion and churn out tracks that are vibrant and loaded with energy. The crowd fully embrace this with high octane dancing and jumping to one side.

Madrid’s The Parrots really need no introduction having become infamous for the fun sound and explosive live performances, tonight is no exception with tracks such as ‘All My Loving’ and ‘Let’s Do It Again’ standing out from the rest of the incredible set. The crowd love it, with crowd surfing taking place even in this cramped space. ‘No Me Gustas, Te Quiero’ is possibly their best known track and it comes to much fanfare tonight as the anticipation has built throughout the set for its appearance. Their set is over all too soon for many who have loved every second of tonight’s performance, we can only hope they come back soon…

Yassassin conclude tonight’s proceedings with a set that oozes girl power from every pour. The London based five piece scream attitude with their atonal rhythms, catchy beats and punk vibes which permeate the gentler melodies. They are the perfect component to end off an amazing day of music where everyone who was present can safely say they have witnessed the future.

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