Say Psych: Live Review: The Lucid Dream & The Goa Express @ The Golden Lion, Todmorden 23.11.2018

In the heart of Todmorden there is a pub that has become the place that everyone who’s anyone wants to play. The Golden Lion has garnered a reputation as being the best live venue with the best hospitality, beating the large cities every time. Tonight we have Carlisle’s The Lucid Dream who have just released their latest LP, Actualisation, which was has propelled them the national acclaim, supported by The Goa Express, 5 young lads from Burnley with a big sound.

The Goa Express have become BSM favourites due to their vibrant attitude, Nuggets-worthy garage rocking tracks which blend effortlessly with the softer surf rock tones invoking the California coastline. This is well exhibited in last year’s single ‘Kiss Me’ which always goes down well live and tonight is no exception, with its intensely catchy riff taking hold instantly and setting bodies moving. ‘Waka’s Eyes’ is a tribute to their manager (and incidentally the landlord of tonight’ venue) and they play a number of new tracks which show the direction the band is looking to take. They go from strength to strength every time they play and never disappoint. There are a few sound problems tonight with the keyboard, but they don’t let it dampen their spirit and the packed-out room lap them up in abundance. Keep an eye on these lads, they’re going places.

The Lucid Dream are a band that need no introduction, 4 lads from Carlisle who started off in the depths of the psych underground before daring to pop their heads up and make a stand. Backed by strong live performances which have resulted in now sell out shows and a string of sold-out 7″s under their belt, as well as LP’s Songs Of Lies and Deceit released August 2013, self-titled The Lucid Dream released March 2015 and Compulsion Songs released September 2016. Latest offering Actualisation was penned over the summer of 2017 and jumped straight into the UK top 40 on release.

Tonight’s show was sold out months ago and as such the space is crammed as they take the stage. Their set is a cornucopia of their greatest tracks, featuring ‘Breakdown’ from Actualisation with its hypnotically alluring groove, ‘SX1000’ was released as a 12” single earlier this year and picked up plaudits from icons such as Andrew Weatherall and Bernie Connor; live it is a full-on aural assault. ‘Ardency’ continues the acid house fusion theme and has been a firm fixture in their live set for a while so its presence here tonight goes down a treat whilst ‘Alone In Fear’ is a nine minute sonic afront, grounded by haunting repetition and catchy beats. They also treat us to songs from previous albums including ‘Bad Texan’, ‘Epitaph’ and ‘I’m A Star in My Own Right’ from Compulsion Songs which see all heads bobbing and feet tapping with the added melodica on the last track hitting all the right notes and ‘Mona Lisa’ from their self titled 2015 LP which due to the nature of its clever repetition and constant building is always superb when executed live, tonight is no exception. They are a band going from strength to strength and always deliver live, of all the bands who deserve success, The Lucid Dream are now up there where they belong.


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