Say Psych: News: Left of the Dial adds new names to 2023 line-up

Left of the Dial is an international showcase festival that takes place in mid-October in the center of Rotterdam. It offers a cross section of the most relevant alternative artists of the moment. The festival is named after a song by The Replacements. ‘Left of the Dial’ is a reference to American radio stations. To find the best alternative music, you had to turn the dial on your radio to the left. That matched the feeling of the festival perfectly.

The Rotown music venue started organising Left of the Dial in 2018. The summer festival season now extends well into September, which means that the number of bands that plan to do a club tour in October is enormous.  To give all new bands the opportunity to present themselves to a larger audience, Rotown decided to set up Left of the Dial in its current format.

Organisers explain “The festival harvests a no headliner-policy and a flexibility to bring live music to a great diversity of locations. This includes the city’s iconic longtime music bastion Rotown, or the V11, the big red boat moored at the Wijnhaven. Last year, the majestic church grounds of The Arminius served both as venue and festival hub. Rotterdam is also brimming with spaces such as WORM and Roodkapje, independent venues that have been vital proving grounds for an acclaimed network of local bands and artists.”

They have just announced a wave of bands to join the line-up: Adult DVD, Butch Kassidy, Car Boot Sale, Denzel Himself, Egyptian Blue, Laundromat, MADMADMAD and Porchlight from the UK, 250cc and Bikini Beach from Germany and Núria Graham from Spain. They also announce LIFE who last week won a poll of who fans wanted to see back.

It’s already looking to be a very tasty event which we will be there to cover for BSM!

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