Say Psych: Track: PEEL – Memory Loop

PEEL hail from Sydney and make inter-dimensional guitar music; they create sonic architecture built from elements of shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelia and have come out of the gates with all engines firing. ‘Memory Loop’ is their first single and offers a raw and potent four minutes of hypnotic, fuzzed-out pop. The keen eye may recognise PEEL members from Third Eye’s extended family, including Misty Lanes and Montes Jura – staples of Sydney’s psych contingent.

‘Memory Loop’ is the first song from a collection of tracks recorded at BLANKSPACE in Sydney, with producer James Christowki. The band recorded in chunks, piecing together an expansive collection of tracks over a few months. The studio – an open-plan space loaded with a cornucopia of noise-making tools – was conducive to experimentation and collaboration, with ideas and energy flowing fluidly, members jumping between instruments, guests dropping in and out, at times chaotic but always building towards something provocative and alluring. The resulting lead single introduces PEEL as one of the most intriguing and provocative new bands in Australia. Stay tuned for their forthcoming debut EP in 2021.

Lyrically, the track examines the inescapable nature of memory – moments from the past that, despite your best efforts to discard, remain firmly embossed in your mind. From its probing opening bass line to its chaotic climax, ‘Memory Loop’ reels you along with a relentless pace; delicate, husky vocals are shrouded in fuzz and reverb, which open up into the stratosphere in the track’s euphoric chorus. Not many bands burst on to the scene with such kinetic energy, the upcoming EP looks set to be a scorcher!

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