Amen Mustang, the new solo bedroom project of Jenny Broke The Window singer Sam Lathlean has released his version of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games,’, taken from his forthcoming covers EP ‘Isolation Tapes’, out on July 31st.

Of the cover, Sam says ‘I still remember when this song came out, it was instantly recognisable as timeless and at the same time something not heard before. Play it to me for the first time now in 2020 and I’d probably react the same way”, adding “This track has such simple song writing which provides so much open space when re-interpreting it. I’d heard plenty of stripped back cover versions but not many that had been sped up with drums and synths and the lot. So I went for it.”

Taking something so sparse and emotive in the first place is a skill, making it sound like this bubbling synth heavy indie funk cut is quite another, decorated as it is with this chewy synths, scattered beats and guitar stylings

It takes on a whole new life.