See: Body Count release video for No Lives Matter, plus new album news

Following on from 2014’s Bloodlust album, Ice-T and his Body Count unit are back, angrier and more vicious than ever with a new album, Bloodlust, out on March 31st via Century Media. From it the band have released a new video for No Lives Matter.

The video, essentially a black and white performance, starts with Ice-T making the point that when people say ‘all lives matter’ in repsonse to ‘Black lives matter’, they’re diluting the point he/they are trying to make. From there, it explodes into this muscular gangsta rap-metal, big on riffs and chorus’ as Ice-T picks apart todays America. Check it out, here

Of the album, Ice-T says “Groups like Rage Against The Machine and Korn were born when the world was in turmoil, then music went into this delusional period where hip-hop became about nothing more than poppin’ bottles. Now we have impending doom again, racism is at an all-time high and it’s our season again. This is the optimal time for a BODY COUNT record.”

BODY COUNT online:

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