After nearly two decades, 2019 saw the triumphant return of the CROMAGS and new music with the release of two back-to-back EPs – Don’t Give In and From The Grave. CRO-MAGS finally launched the pre-orders for their highly anticipated, upcoming full-length album In The Beginning, which will be released worldwide on the 19th of June 2020 via Arising Empire and Mission Two Entertainment.

‘From The Grave’ sees Cro-Mags back and in your face, with this release you are grabbed by the hardcore throat and given a lesson on how to easily take a song about rising up from the grave (being back with a mission), and having no fear of what lies ahead, after all death is the final thing that we need to settle with, once you do that you can move on and live life to the full.

The video itself, drips self belief and not so much anger as a fighter being unafraid of what lies ahead, a scary looking Harley Flanagan could frighten off the grim reaper himself, but gives the watcher a sense of power to take control of their own lives.

Cro-Mags are back, and are not taking any prisoners, one of the seminal hardcore bands finally take their place in modern history too.

Pre order the new album ‘In The Beginning’ from the Cro-Mags website