See: Haggard Cat reveal new video for American Graffiti

Ex-Heck members vocalist/guitarist Matt Reynolds and drummer Tom Marsh have moved on to a new project, a muscular beast of a duo by the name of Haggard Cat. They’ve signed to legendary rock label Earache Records and will release their debut album ‘Challenger’ on April 20th. From it, the band have revealed the new video for American Graffiti.

“American Graffiti is written about knowing something is wrong and choosing to do nothing about it”, says Reynolds, continuing “We exist in a time where we have the benefit of hindsight into what happens when we harbour certain toxic views and allow these principles to govern our society.Instances have been allowed to escalate throughout history and with all the knowledge right at our fingertips and more accessible than ever, we are still part of a world where segregation, division and hate not only exist but are entertained by an apparent majority. Common sense is stamped out by the loudest voice and replaced with greed. Mistakes will be repeated and a permanent mark left. American Graffiti is about those people that have let it happen, or worse encouraged it to, and think they can simply delete it from their conscience.”

It’s filthy, muscular rock and roll, verging on hardcore, and its packed with huge, heavy riffs and a singalong chorus. Irresistable springs to mind. Check out the accompanying video, here

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