See: Jim Davies launches new video for ‘Caged’

Following the release of his new album ‘Headwars’, former The Prodigy and Pitchshifter guitarist Jim Davies has released a video for new single ‘Caged’.

“The track ‘Caged’ was a collaboration with Bullet For My Valentine drummer Jason Bowld, myself and Jason have worked together a lot in other bands I’ve been a part of over the years (Pitchshifter/Victory Pill) so it was a very stress free and enjoyable collaboration,” explains Jim.

A catchy and riff driven belter, the lyric video is way better than most of the usual offerings and this could well predict some great material coming from Jim going forward.

“The majority of tracks on the ‘Headwars’ album are very electronic based so I wanted to do a song that was more stripped back and raw, as a nod to the influence punk has had on me over the years. It was great fun to get back into a studio with Jason and record this song live.

Lyrically the song is me having a little dig at myself for constantly over thinking and not being able to let things go that have happened in the past and just move on! It definitely worked! I feel much better for it! ‘Punk Rock therapy’ I’d like to call it!”

‘Headwars’ is out now.

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