See: LARRY THE PINK THE HUMAN drop a video for the wistful skitter of ‘NO WRONG NO RIGHT’ and announce a brace of UK dates

Larry the Pink the Human, photographed by Stewart Baxter

THE self-styled and fully capitalised music, art and video project LARRY PINK THE HUMAN have dropped a new single ahead of a brace of upcoming live dates. “No Wrong No Right” is a spacious skitter of psych-lite guitar, spoken word stream, bass thrum and chanted, wistful yearn to a significant other to recognise what they might already have: “If you go looking, you might never find / What’s in front of you, what you had in mind.” hooks you in; the affair is teetering on the edge, as revealed in those lines and “So long to my perfect little life .. we had the best time, best time.”

Laurie and Jolyon, the producers behind the LARRY moniker, reveal it’s also about the phase we’re now in, with the pandemic (hopefully) receding; picking up the pieces but wondering if you can ever recapture the flow and vibe of how it was immediately before.

“It’s the summer of 2021,” they say. “You’re 16 again, lockdown is almost a distant memory; the taste of freedom is in the air. So close you can almost touch it.

“Wireless AirPods in, you are on a journey. A walk to town, a trip to your nearest city on a train, plans to meet all your friends. £20 in your pocket (probably on a Monzo, actually). ‘NO WRONG NO RIGHT’ is this very moment. Uncertainty, excitement, beautiful pure naivety, the human experience.

“The awkward funk baseline and sickly sweet pop chorus are the soundtrack to your very own Luca Guadagnino mini-series,” Laurie and Jolyon summarise. ‘Life is messy, It’s sticky, sweet, sour, there is simply no wrong no right.”

The pair have also announced that they’ll be performing their debut headline shows this October. On Thursday the 14th they’ll be playing at Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate; followed by a show in the capital on the 22nd at the legendary Lexington. Tickets are on sale now, here.

Connect with LARRY PINK THE HUMAN elsewhere on the web at InstagramFacebook, Twitter, on YouTube and at their website.

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