SEE: Low Hummer – ‘Never Enough’: majestic guitar tune from Hull quartet

Low Hummer, photographed by Luke Hallett

PROVING that bdrmm are no crazy one-off for the East Yorkshire music scene, and that it just might be a nascent hotbed of BIG and swoonsome and just knock-the-stuffing guitar tunesmithery, Hull’s Low Hummer have shared the deeply midwinter video for their new single “Never Enough”.

And what a tune it is; one foot in post-punk for sure, those guitars wiry and industrious, with a massive vocal swoon from erstwhile country singer Aimee Duncan, a honey-dripping hook of her voice entwined with keyboards, some perfectly poised shoegazey chord bends. A tune of the year this early? Come stand by its fire and warm yourself.

It’s just a first glimpse of their debut album which, if they have tunes this good …

The song is lyrically framed around Continuing their work digging into themes of social isolation, disinformation and online manipulation, ‘Never Enough’ explores culture-bound syndromes – diseases that are only recognised within a specific societal milieu; issues of ageing, and whether we have the ability to reframe our situation.

Low Hummer guitarist and vocalist Dan Mawer says: “I researched culture-bound syndromes for ‘Never Enough’. These are a combination of psychiatric and somatic symptoms, recognised only within a specific society or culture.

“Transmission of the disease is determined by cultural reinforcement and person-to-person interaction; I felt like this was an interesting topic for a song.

“The subject helped me pull together lines [about] with my own notes on ageing, self-doubt and the idea of cultural isolation.

“It all sounds very depressing but I hope there’s still lots of light in the lines, such as when Aimee suggests the idea of reframing the situations you find yourself in when you’re struggling.”-

And “Never Enough” is accompanied by a genuinely, literally chill video, shot in -5 weather around Flamborough Head and on the mother mountain, Derbyshire’s Mam Tor.

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