See: Oh, Be Clever release new video for ‘River’

Oh, Be Clever are a bit of a new discovery for us. Not their fault, more ours. Turns out the Salt Lake City duo, Brittney Shields and Cory Scott Layton make these rather lovely slices of electronic pop.

Certainly, River has this buffed gloss about it, complete with clicking guitars and a sheen about the production which allows it to have this slightly smoky, almostwaspish quality about it. “Lay me down in the river / Love me like I’m a sinner” coos Brittney Shields over the top.

Of the video,which the band filmed entirely on iPhones, shields says “This video was inspired by a multitude of things. The magazine cut-outs on the face represent insecurities that I was (and still am, admittedly) plagued with. Our society makes us think we need to be different. Cutting and pasting new decorations onto our faces or bodies to fit an imaginary mold of perfection. The paint signifies our destructive thoughts that can consume our minds. We really wanted to convey the real and raw emotions that went into writing this song. The video itself was a journey and probably one of the most cathartic things we’ve done in quite a while. We hope you enjoy!”

Check it out, here

Members: Brittney Shields Cory Scott Layton.
Genre: Electronic, Alternative, Pop.
Home Town: Manti, Ut – Fillmore, Ut

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