Track: The Wytches reveal ‘Meat Chuck’, their latest single from upcoming album Three Mile Ditch

Taken from their anticipated third album ‘Three Mile Ditch’, out on their own Cable Code Records imprint on Friday 2nd October, The Wytches have returned with a new single ‘Meat Chuck’.

On the track frontman Kristian Bell says, “Meat chuck was the first heavy song I attempted to write for a long time. It came after a big old binge of Captain Beefheart. For a while I was only interested in writing acoustic stuff but I started to get a bit fed up with that and wanted to write something completely different.”

Meat Chuck opens with quivering, eastern-influenced guitar lines, and that are firmly leashed at the outset, only for this to slip and the things come quickly to breaking point, as the tempo and intensity increases so that these splashing cymbals and taught angular riffs rutt against eachother, the rasps and howls of the vocals giving the whole thing this slightly demonic feel.

Check it out, here

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