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For those who like it noisy check this lot out……

Slack Alices are a new group of young upstarts ready to pick up their instruments and scream in to a microphone. Formed in late 2017 with a mutual love for The Cramps, Joy Division, Misfits & Sex Pistols and signed to Midnight Hallucination Records. The band released their debut single Devils Whore in October 2018. 

The release of this latest track sees ‘Slack Alices’ bring their full on no holds barred garage punk sound with edgy rock riffs, at a furious pace and high volume, to a world of real music listeners that are eager to discover that new raw sound to excite the ears.

With its very early Dave Vanian esk vocals, that scream of authentic pure punk angst, and transport you to the depths of any dark and moody basement venue with all the feeling that what your hearing is totally intense and passionate.

Check out the single on Spotify and enjoy here

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This band is a serious one to watch as they expand out of their native Manchester to be a staple of the UK punk scene. 

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