Say Psych: Playlist 10/2016

Tracks old and new on this week’s Psych Insight playlist, representing lots of different genre wishing what is often termed ‘psych’. Ultimately the terms don’t matter, just get with the music. Enjoy!


Not Everyone by Os Noctambulos

I really liked ‘Corsica Garden’, the previous album by Os Noctambulos (see review here), and now the band are back with a new one. Judging by this lead track the band’s second album, ‘Stranger’ (released on Stolen Body Records on June 17th), will be every bit as good.


Psychological Discontinuity by Yuri Gagarin

One of my absolute favourite tracks from the last year. This is the flip side of the ‘Sea of Dust’ 7″ which came out on the Swedish label Ultraljud Records last year.


Broken Arm of God by Cult of Dom Keller

It seems quite a while since the last Cult of Dom Keller album, Second Bardo, came out; but now the band are back with a seemingly heavier and more defined sound. Their third album, ‘Goodbye To The Light’, is due out shortly, and already available for pre-order at Fuzz Club Records.


Sweet Chariot Part 2 by Earthling Society

“‘Sweet Chariot’ is not an easy album to summarise since there is so much going on here, even for an Earthling Society release. If I were to discern a common thread it would probably be that this, in the main, feels like an introverted album that encourages inward reflection. What it certainly is is an album that you will not get bored of because the is so much going on here, music that reflects and engenders many different emotions and after hearing it I certainly felt a great deal of satisfaction in what I had just experienced.” For the full album review click here.


Summertime Blues by Blue Cheer

Amazing classic cover of the Eddie Cochrane classic. If you haven’t already check out Blue Cheer to find out one of the key sources of decades of psychedelic music.


Alexandria by Black Bombaim

A totally fuzzy fuzzfest of fuzz. A just amazing track from Portugal’s finest riffers, just sit back and let it take you over!


Hold Yr’Self by Kobadelta

Newcastle’s Kobadelta are launching their new single with a gig at Jumpin’ Jack’s in Newcastle on Saturday 4th June with support from Black Atom Movement, The Old Pink House and some secret special guests.

You can download the song from and also buy £4 early bird tickets for the gig there which comes with a free 8 track CD.


Caffe by Rev Rev Rev

I missed the Rev Rev Rev album “Des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient” when it came out back in February, so here’s a chance to catch up with it. More at the ‘shoegaze’ end of things, but quite eclectic too.


Reflections by Dead Vibrations

Dead Vibrations burst onto the booming Stockholm music scene in April of 2015. Crossing the boundaries between Shoegaze, Neo-Psychedelia and Rock ‘n’ Roll, their angst-ridden guitars, thundering drums, and distorted bass take the classic reverb-drenched sound to a new dimension.

For such a newborn band, DV have wasted no time making their mark. Their first single and video for ‘Reflections’ immediately made waves internationally garnering the attention of celebrated gigs and festivals including Copenhagen Psych Fest.

The band just recently finished recording their upcoming 4 song debut EP entitled ‘Reflections’ which will be available for preorder from Echo Drug Recordings shortly.


Centennial by Heaters

The first track released from Heaters new album, ‘Baptistina, out on Beyond Beyond is Beyond records later this year. ‘Centennial’ is a great psych garage track with elements of surf rock that promises much for the album as a whole…watch this space!


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