Sundance Review: Fire of Love

As strange as it may seem, we’re only here today because of volcanoes. The Earth has been, and continues to be, sculpted and shaped by these mighty powerhouses. They can create life and destroy it, providing the building blocks from which flora, fauna and animals emerged. Present on every continent, over 1500 of them are considered to still be active. It’s not surprising then that they fascinate and enthral many people.

Katia and Maurice Krafft had two passions in life. The first was the love they had for each other. The second, which brought them together and drove them forward, was a shared obsession with volcanos. The French vulcanologists spent two decades living their dream. Prepared to put themselves at risk in order to document eruptions and their aftermath. An infatuation which would eventually cost them their lives. Fire of Love tells the story of two lava-crossed lovers.

Fire of love is a breathtaking voyage into a world of sulphur and basalt. Sara Dosa’s lyrical documentary benefits greatly from the awe-inspiring photographs and video they left behind. Their story is one of obsession and devotion, both to each other and the compulsion which occupied their every moment.  Fire of Love is a beautiful and beguiling film. One which buys into and fully embraces their spirit of adventure.

Faire of Love screens at Sundance Film Festival.

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