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Album Review : Broken Lamp’s ‘Turn Signals’

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Moods And Dances is the sort of album you cheekily slip onto the deck at a very groovy soiree at about, ooh, midnight, to bring some bizarre and spacey dimensions to proceedings and during which at least two of your friends turn to you and say with a bewildered grin: “Wow, what is this?”

HANNAH PEEL is a true renaissance woman and arguably the most musically multifaceted artist at work in the UK at the present time. She’s recently been curating and presenting BBC Radio 3’s Night Tracks; her catalogue, stemming from folky roots back a decade ago, has grown to take in the solo electronic and pop work of Awake But …

Electric Māyā is a collection of short stories; of microfiction. Take your time and don’t breeze through; you’ll be peering through windows into 18 other little spheres. Dazzling shortform

You hit play on Broken Lamp’s debut Turn Signals and you’re instantly transported to some alternate universe. A universe where every person you meet seems to be hiding something, every woman is alluring but dangerous, and people can still smoke unfiltered Lucky Strikes on commercial flights from Milan to New York City. At every turn …