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Track: Jade Hairpins – Dolly Dreams

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Album Review : Superchunk’s ‘What a Time to Be Alive’

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Music News : WYE OAK Announce New Album ‘The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs’, Hear First Single

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Before listening to the new Clientele album titled Music for the Age of Miracles I wasn’t all that familiar with the London band. I imagined some dark, brooding group with pale skin and weathered suits playing music that was somewhere between Bauhaus and This Mortal Coil. Maybe there were goblets of blood and incantations involved, …

Mount Moriah

Mount Moriah have released a new track “Cardinal Cross” ahead of their upcoming 3rd album “How To Dance”, follow up to the well received “Miracle Temple” from 2013. Their sound over the last 2 albums has been led by the plaintive vocals of Heather McEntire, and her haunting lyrics about regret and heartache playing over …

Eleanor Friedberger’s first words to us on her new long player Personal Record are “I don’t want to bother you”, and I believe her. She seems like the type of gal that would rather keep her business to herself. She seems like more the listening type than the talking type.  Yet, when she gets going on this …