Track: Ada Aik Shares High Octane New Single ‘Garage’ From New Album ‘The Mysterious Life of Ada Aik’

Musically vibrant with layers of driving arpeggiators and intense high-hat beats, Ada Aik showcases experimental-pop splendour on her new single ‘Garage’.

Sitting between the likes of Grimes and Poliça, new single’s freedom with layers of atmospherics and blending synth melodies give the track both an exciting, energetic edge while massive reverb soaked atmospherics bring a dreamy haze which surrounds the tight rhythms at the tracks centre. Ada’s etherial vocals float hauntingly over track adding a melancholic, reflective mood to contrast the high-octane instrumentation.

Ada explains: I knew what I wanted when I composed this song, the form and the lyrics came easy. The fast tempo felt compelling to me, I listened to the demo a lot while running.This song is a bathroom in Ada Aik’s house but the song was composed in a garage where the title comes from. Anyhow- the bathroom has elements from the garage (the concrete walls and an unfinished look) so the title stayed.”

Taken from the new ten track album The Mysterious Life of Ada Aik, ‘Garage’ is one of the more uptempo moments amid a selection of tracks which journey through a gorgeous atmospheric exploration of Ada’s unique alternative pop sound. Making beautiful music with heaps of depth, Ada is a talent not to be missed!

Listen to the full album below:

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