Track: Adam Moezinia releases the joyful ‘Celebration’, where jazz, folk and West African harmony meet

HERALDING from the bustling scene where contemporary jazz meets folk meets West African harmony, LA-based Adam Moezinia brings much needed joy with his latest release, aptly titled “Celebration”.

Originally part of a suite by Adam called the “Ivory Suite”, it’s a virtuoso yet familiar homage to the Beninese guitarist Lionel Louke, one of Moezinia’s influences. ‘

“Celebration” is very much a blend of pentatonic harmony, melody and rhythmic modulation which has scene a growing popularity across the pond in the West African scene to come out of South-East London. it’s no surprise that this talented Julliard-trained guitarist called his trio Folk-Element.

“Celebration” does just that – it celebrates the energy of West African, Appalachian and indie traditions, backed by a stellar rhythm section. Moezinia’s lyrical guitar solo is aided by the gentle phase effect over the groove, so we are still able to dance whilst happily getting lost in its cheerful melody. He’s certainly one to watch.

“Celebration” is available now on all digital streaming platforms.

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