Album Review: Curse The Son – Excruciation

Ron Vanacore, Brendan Keefe and Robert Ives who make up ‘Curse The Sun’, announce the coming release of their 4th album ‘Excruciation’ on June 12th via Ripple music.

Since the beginning way back in 2008, ‘Curse The Son’ have been delighting us with heavy Sabbath style riffs and emotional singing. Encompassing multiple genres but keeping true to the heavy of heavy metal. This new album features more input from Brendan in the song writing and vocal department.

Opener ‘Suicide By Drummer’ explodes in a sonic wave of well produced noise. The guitars are lighter than bands of the doom genre which helps them cut through the bass/drum sludge which forms the backbone. This allows the guitar to really punch out riffs. This doesn’t mean the guys aren’t heavier. Check out the breakdown for how to smash bone with 6 strings.

‘Disaster In Denial’ is tortured guitar dragging itself over a plodding beat

‘Novembre’ sounds like trying to start a dead planet. It sees the band in a slower pace of song writing and more intricate guitar work.

‘Single Worry Garden’ which we reviewed here still sounds incredible mixed in with the rest of these tracks.

Title track ‘Excruciation’ adds a touch of acoustic and dialled back guitar and the mother of all bass drum. It also features one of the best vocal performances on this record.

‘Infinite Regression’ has the foot very much on the pedal and the relentless driving riffing is back along with the fantastic desperate vocals from Ron.

The band are back to starting dead planets again with ‘Black Box Warning’. A bowel rumbling bass buts the D in Doom.

‘Devil Doctor Blues’, as the title gives lead too, features some blues guitar accompanying vocals with some snazzy slide playing.

Album closer ‘Phoenix rising’ brings the doom laden riffs back with some screaming lead work. Another solid vocal performance and a cracking guitar solo sees this as a standout track off the album.

This is metal that harks back to the very early days of the genre. Where it was about making scary music earth scorching riffs and frantic vocals over hammer and anvil bass and drums. It’s been a tough three years since Curse The Sun have released any new music and in that time they haven’t lost any of the magic. Writing began in Summer of 2018, but was put on hold after bassist Brendan Keefe suffered extensive injuries in a devastating motorcycle accident in November of 2018.  

Check out the opening track, here

Purchase the album, here

1. Suicide By Drummer
2. Disaster In Denial
3. Novembre
4. Worry Garden
5. Excruciation
6. Infinite Regression
7. Black Box Warning
8. Devil Doctor Blues
9. Phoenix Risin’

Find out more about the band here

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