Track: Amy Jay – Lucid Dreaming

Katrina Sorrentino

Florida-born, NYC-based singer-songwriter Amy Jay has shared her final track from forthcoming album ‘Awake Sleeper’ due 4th February.

Of “Lucid Dreaming,” she says, 

“I somehow ended up in the front subway car on the A express train zooming down Manhattan on my way to work, and was mesmerised by the prisms that were forming out of the double paned window of the train door. As I was in some sort of hypnotic, half asleep, morning commute state, I also picked up the smells of sunscreen and cigarettes, which was probably someone on their way to the beach. But it brought me straight back to a specific, vivid just-like-yesterday memory of a childhood pool party in Miami Lakes where I grew up. Contrasting that past memory with the current state of my mind asking ‘am I really an adult’ and ‘what is truth, does it even exist’ is what brought me to write this song. It was a strange train ride.”

A glorious shimmering track rooted with urban soundscapes, solid drumming and that honey flavoured voice of Jays. There is a sense the track slowly unfurls as if awaking from a dream. A quality the track doesn’t completely shake off, making the whole 4 minutes a joy and a reason to pause in your day to listen to the brilliant songwriting of Amy Jay.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Jay’s Website or Facebook

Pre order the album here

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