Track: AR Ferdinand – Lately (ft. Daphne) ( Pencilvestyr remix)

Fernando Arroyo, aka AR Ferdinand, has his debut LP, Wild Fiction, due out in Match, and from it he’s currently streaming the Pencilvestyr remix of Lately.

“I started to work on the idea for Lately after a vacation on my favorite place on earth, Lake Coatepeque. Having spent so much time there, I feel like I’m in paradise surrounded by my friends everytime,” say Ferdinand. After recieving a draft of the song late on a Sunday night, Daphne immediately felt a connection to the song, and the pair started collaborating.

Streaming right now is the Pencilvestyr remix of the track. It’s a mix up of this shuffling electronica, and Daphne’s beautifully soulful vocals, with a laid back house beat and some nifty work on the bassline and the (I think) trombone. It’s rather lovely.

Check it out, here

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