Track: Bonnie Trash – Have You Seen Her

Dana Bellamy

After announcing the release of the duos debut album ‘Malocchio’ due 28th October via Hand Drawn Dracula. The duo have returned with new single ‘Have You Seen Her’.

Speaking on the new single the band comment: 

“The music video plays out like a sci-fi involving an alternate dimension/timeline. Using the same idea of the malocchio that haunted our nonna decades ago, what does it look like when conjured by generations later in the future, and can this generational haunting finish once and for all? We see two siblings confront the malocchio head-on, only for it to follow once more. The curse has become a part of them. Do not be afraid.” 

“Have You Seen Her is also about the tragic loss of a loved one, longing to be with them, and wondering where they’ve ended up – above the clouds? Below the earth? A new (to us) dimension? Death is the only thing we know to be true in this world. Precious memories here are what we hold onto. When our loves are taken from us by what may be a curse, it’s only natural that we want to find a way to reverse it, and reunite with them in harmony.”

Laced with menacing guitar lines and seductive vocals, ‘Have You Seen Her’ is a stark and angular guitar led attack with piercing industrial noises and sparse drum beats. A gyrating dark rock track that mirrors the tense and eerie video ending with screeching strings and a relentless drum beat punishment. Nothing short of brilliant from the two sisters.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Bandcamp

Preorder the album here

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