Track: Cosmic Crooner, Jazz and Lake Como: ‘Deep Down in Jazz’

IN CASE you thought you were going to hear a jazz track, think again.

It’s a wonderfully satirical title to a track that echoes the suave, laidback, swooning theatrics of Nick Cave meets the Arctic Monkeys, who happened to share a few drinks with a wise Lou Reed by Lake Como. I wonder if that’s what motivated the Amsterdam-based artist, Cosmic Crooner (real name Joep Meyer) in filming this hilarious and witty video by Lake Como.

Deep Down In Jazz- Cosmic Crooner

The video, much like the song, has us ‘casually surfing through the century’ like a good old Nouvelle Vague cinemascope. Lyrically, it’s very much a biographical introduction to himself. “Cosmic Crooner was born in such a way,” he sings, again with almost confident smugness (don’t be fooled by the drunken debauchery and millennial child-like freedom he exudes in the video).

It’s a daring move to talk about the seemingly finite line to his career in this original debut single and I say that because of the wonderfully ironic chorus: “Somewhere he knows it’s his last show”. Obviously,he’s well aware that jazz doesn’t mean a song is more than ‘three chords’ (note chorus), so we’re assuming that ‘jazz’ is a metaphor for well, the shittier things in life.

Strolling, prancing about what I can only assume is the fantastical Villa D’Este in Lake Como, the video provides a perfect contrast to the song: a dying bourgeois history in existential angst with a non-causal rebel.

Absolutely the hallmark of a successful songwriter, who took it a step further and managed to introduce himself personally on his debut single.

I’m truly, very curious to see what he’ll come up with next.

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