NORWEGIAN quintet Death By Unga Bunga have recently announced the release of new album, Heavy Male Insecurity, which will be out on Jansen Records on February 12th; and they’ve trained their sights on your rawk heart with their latest single, “Egocentric”. Take a listen below.

It takes everything that’s great about Nordic garage rock, gives it a little polish, checks that a proper banging chorus is present and correct, and aim … fire. Ker-pow.

It’s the last single they’ll drop ahead of the album, and goes to make up a quartet of rousing straight-ahead guitar rock lining up alongside previous singles, the almost bubblegum greatness of “Not Like The Others”, “Trouble” and the more punk-metal thrill of “Live Until I Die”.

Pure and simple – and there’s a good three-word description for the direct hits they score – “Egocentric” is about looking after number one.

“The egocentric mind has no empathy for others and their opinions. Something you’d expect from a child, but it’s often still the case for an insecure grown man,” they say.

It’s OK to be selfish sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a complete dick all the time.”

Death By Unga Bunga take their name from an album by Eighties’ powerpunk band The Mummies and pleasingly, formed out of auditions held in singer-guitarist Sebastian Ulstad Olsen’s garage.

Along with guitarist and keyboard player Preben S. Andersen, guitarist Stian S Gulbrandsen (yep, three-guitar assault), bassist Even Rolland Pettersen and drummer Ole S Nesset, he’s ready for the next wave. Forget The Hives, jack your records by those guys; they’re sooo 2003. You’ve been served notice of your new garage-punk-pop idols.

Death By Unga Bunga’s Heavy Male Insecurity will be released by Jansen Records on February 12th on digital download, CD, trad black, limited macho pink and super-limited erotic picture disc vinyl; you can place your order now, here.

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