TRACK: Death By Unga Bunga – ‘Egocentric’: your new Nordic garage-punk idols

Death By Unga Bunga, photographed by Martin Bremnes

NORWEGIAN quintet Death By Unga Bunga have recently announced the release of new album, Heavy Male Insecurity, which will be out on Jansen Records on February 12th; and they’ve trained their sights on your rawk heart with their latest single, “Egocentric”. Take a listen below.

It takes everything that’s great about Nordic garage rock, gives it a little polish, checks that a proper banging chorus is present and correct, and aim … fire. Ker-pow.

It’s the last single they’ll drop ahead of the album, and goes to make up a quartet of rousing straight-ahead guitar rock lining up alongside previous singles, the almost bubblegum greatness of “Not Like The Others”, “Trouble” and the more punk-metal thrill of “Live Until I Die”.

Pure and simple – and there’s a good three-word description for the direct hits they score – “Egocentric” is about looking after number one.

“The egocentric mind has no empathy for others and their opinions. Something you’d expect from a child, but it’s often still the case for an insecure grown man,” they say.

It’s OK to be selfish sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a complete dick all the time.”

Death By Unga Bunga take their name from an album by Eighties’ powerpunk band The Mummies and pleasingly, formed out of auditions held in singer-guitarist Sebastian Ulstad Olsen’s garage.

Along with guitarist and keyboard player Preben S. Andersen, guitarist Stian S Gulbrandsen (yep, three-guitar assault), bassist Even Rolland Pettersen and drummer Ole S Nesset, he’s ready for the next wave. Forget The Hives, jack your records by those guys; they’re sooo 2003. You’ve been served notice of your new garage-punk-pop idols.

Death By Unga Bunga’s Heavy Male Insecurity will be released by Jansen Records on February 12th on digital download, CD, trad black, limited macho pink and super-limited erotic picture disc vinyl; you can place your order now, here.

Follow Death by Unga Bunga at their website, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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