Lifechanger is a melodic hardrock band from The Netherlands, the same country where bands like Van Halen, Vandenberg, Within Temptation, Ayreon originated from. The members of Lifechanger are influenced by melodic rock, hard rock and metal bands from the 80s while still having a contemporary feel. The songs of Lifechanger often refer to remarkable experiences in life, hence the name. The band is currently working on their follow-up album, due out in 2021.

As we for the new album, the band has produced a new music video for their song “Information Overload” – You can view the video below:

In speaking about the track the band says “Today there is lots of information  coming at you, everybody has  got multiple screens and notifications in their proximity. Sometimes it’s difficult tot hold your focus when you are fed too much information, and you feel you are not doing what you should, or you are not seeing what’s important. The song deals with that feeling”

Peter Moltmaker (Ex- Ayreon): Lead vocals
Wouter Smit: Solo,- Lead,- and Rhythm Guitars, Backing vocals
Daan van Zelm: Solo,- Lead,- and Rhythm Guitars, Backing vocals
Miguel Corrales: Bass Guitar
Arjen van Alphen: Drums

More information about the band: