TRACK: Endlings – ‘Fragil’: raw evocation from John Dieterich and Raven Chacon


ENDLINGS is the collaborative project of John Dieterich, guitarist with the ever bizarre, angular, captivating Deerhoof, and Navajo Nation ambient and field recordings voyager Raven Chacon.

They’ve worked together once before, on their self-titled debut album of experimental abstraction for sicksicksick back in 2017; and they’ve got a new full-length set ready for us now, entitled Human Form, which is due out on March 5th via Cincinnati’s necessary cradle of all things musically avant-garde, Whited Sepulchre Records.

We’re offering up a first offering from deep within Endlings’ world today, a first gathering in of the sonic fruits, “Fragil”. Take a listen with us.

Yep, it’s only 104 seconds, but how many worlds are there contained in there; from the opening shrieks of some being’s distress, the song widens into an improvisational and percussive blur, beginning as almost some inverted, locked-away member of the breakbeat family tree before thrumming and twanging into a visceral place.

John and Raven’s partnership began some ten years ago in a performance at the Albuquerque Experimental Music Festival. Human Form sees an expansion, a building on the search for raw sonic emotion of their debut; and on this next offering they’re joined on three songs by virtuoso percussionist Marshall Trammell.

Human Form examines in fine detail the evocative detail available from the eerie, the hauntological, the percussive, the dronesome, the cacophonous and the microtonal. If you’re a voyager of the out-musics, you oughtta step inside.

Endlings’ Human Form will be released by Whited Sepulchre on March 5th

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