Track: Esben And The Witch – True Mirror

Sophie Fox

Esben & The Witch release the second single, ‘True Mirror’ from their new album, ‘Hold Sacred’ out 12th May 2023 on Nostromo Records. 

Vocalist Rachel Davies says of the song: 

“Accepting yourself as you truly are, as ugly as that can sometimes be. Recognizing all your self as a whole and questioning what that really is. Allowing this to show to yourself and other people and hoping that they’ll also accept you, when everything is stripped away and just the essence of you is left. No mask, no pretense, no bravado, pure and unfiltered. Vulnerable. Embracing the shadow self.”

The quick heart beat like percussive pulse is at odds with Davies’s ghostly vocals and the organic soundtrack from guitar and synths. There’s no escaping that striking voice that cuts right through the atmospheric gorgeousness of the track. This is what Esben and The Witch do so well.

Check it out, here

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Hold Sacred Tracklisting:

  1. The Well
  2. In Ecstasy
  3. Fear Not
  4. Silence, 1801
  5. True Mirror
  6. A Kaleidoscope
  7. Heathen
  8. The Depths
  9. Petals of Ash
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