Track: Fontaines D.C. treat fans to a Christmas present with ‘A Lucid Dreamer (Live Version)’

Grian Chatten of Fontaines D.C.
Credit: Kevin W Condon

Fontaines D.C. have given fans an early Christmas present, a surprise release of ‘A Lucid Dreamer (Live Version)’ on all streaming platforms. It is a stripped back version of ‘A Lucid Dream‘ from their Grammy nominated second album A Hero’s Death released in 2020 on Partisan Records.

This version is almost unrecognisable from the original. The impact is in the instrumentation which here is beautifully led by a piano. The prominent plinking of the keys gives a hint of a piano one would expect to hear in the corner of a pub. The lyrics sung by Grian Chatten are crystal clear here. It’s no surprise that this version is half a minute longer as it is the complete opposite in style and atmosphere of the frantic ‘A Lucid Dream‘. In the middle there is a ghostly, echoey interlude with a haunting vocal and reverbing guitars. Again the contrast with the original is stark. Yes, it quietens down but the accompanying guitars are smooth and the vocal is slightly distorted as if through a megaphone. As ‘A Lucid Dreamer (Live Version)‘ draws to a close there is a slightly chaotic, claustrophobic soundscape which continues to quieten until we reach the end with a few final notes plinking on the piano.

Now fans are more than ready for album number three, due for release in Spring 2022. With A Hero’s Death being so different from their debut Dogrel, the anticipation to hear what Fontaines D.C. have produced in the most turbulent of times is increasing. The delayed European Tour is also due in the spring, and so the beginning of 2022 is already looking busy for the band. They stormed festival stages from Green Man to Victorious this year and with their UK tour receiving rave reviews and finishing with a triumphant sold out gig at Alexandria Palace, the world is their oyster.

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