Track: Genevieve Artardi – Living like I know I’m gonna die

Taken from the forthcoming album from. Dizzy Strange Summer, out on Friday 17th July on Brainfeeder Records, ‘Living like I know I’m gonna die’ is the new single from LA vocalist, composer and producer Genevieve Artadi.

It’s her second album, but first for Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint, and her first self-produced release on any label. It was written at a time of flux and upheaval in her life, but as she says “I was pretty lost… but enjoying feeling lost”. Though most tracks began life on her laptop, Artadi drafted in a number of friends to help her – including but not limited to – Louis Cole (Brainfeeder), Sam Wilkes (Leaving Records), Henry Halliwell, Daniel Sunshine, Adam Weissman (Pollyn / Real Bad Man), Ruslan Sirota, Ross Garren, David Binney and Jacob Mann – who would be sent the tracks to add their little piece to before returning it for Arfandi to finish up.

Living like I know I’m gonna die is this fragile sounding electro soul cut, with gently wheeling synth sounds, and funk pops and chops in the bass lines, as the synths fray the edges of it, lapping into eachother. Over the top, Genevieve carefully oozes her vocal over the top, while still allowing the warmth and the soul to rise through

“Dizzy Strange Summer” will be released on Friday 17 July 2020 on Brainfeeder Records

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