Track: Hearteyes’ new single, heartfelt and hectic ‘F.U.A’ feat. Canadian 8485 – mixtape coming in July

Sydney-based artist Hearteyes (aka Maurice Santiago) has revealed new track ‘F.U.A.’, in a collab with Canadian hyperpop star 8485. This comes ahead of his mixtape ‘Headbangers 2’, due for release on 16 July via Coalesce.

Hearteyes’ unique brand of boundary-pushing indie pop channels a mix of genres old and new, whilst managing to create fresh and hectic soundscapes. ‘F.U.A.’’s post-punk, emo feel goes from gentle to manic, in the best possible way. Soft vocals lead into a frenetic synth and auto-tune blend, which contrasts perfectly with 8485’s sweet styling. F.U.A (or ‘fucked up again’) is as edgy as it is emotive, cementing hearteyes’ reputation as a heartfelt artist on a quest to create unique music.

F.U.A.’ is about acknowledging and accepting the variables for a relationship’s end and the subsequent coping mechanisms people have in dealing with it. Whether you turn the experience into a positive, or revel in the misery, they are both healthy. –Hearteyes

Hearteyes’ mixtape, out next month, features collabs with Jordon Alexander (Mallgrab’s side project) and French producer Brodinski. It promises to be a varied record to say the least, with ‘F.U.A.’ being the enticing showpiece that hints at what’s yet to come from this progressive artist.

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