Track: Household Dogs – Ain’t No Heaven

Leeds post-punks Household Dogs are back with their first new music of the year in the shape of a single, ‘Ain’t no Heaven’. It’s a gorgeous slice of slowcore indie, somewhere between Bill Ryder-Jones at his most intimate and The Saxophones / Cigarettes after Sex sort of way. It has this hushed, close atmosphere about it, with vocalist Declan’s hushed tones almost feeling like he’s whispering his sadness into your ear in the dark. Underneath the pedal steel aches and swoons, while the acoustic prods melodies at you.

Lyrically, it is raw. Nothing has been edited from the original stream of consciousness bar the repetition.”  says Delcan, analysing the prose from which ‘Ain’t No Heaven’ took shape. “I think that made it more conversational and intimate. My lyrics are only ever me describing my surroundings and ‘Ain’t No Heaven’ is just that. It is partially autobiographical but not to a narcissistic extent. It just nods to people and places. If I listen to it I can still see it all so clearly, I can almost taste it. I could write an essay on what it means but unless it means something to someone else it really means nothing.”

It’s deeply affecting, beautiful stuff. Check it out, here

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