Track: Jason Simon – Red Dust

Dead Meadow’s Jason Simon has returned to solo form for the release of his new album A venerable Wreck, out on May 22nd via BYM. From it he’s shared a new track, Red Dust.

Of the track, Simon says “Red Dust definitely owes a nod to the late great JJ Cale in its attempt to create a trance-like atmosphere starting out as a simple bar room boogie and becoming increasingly psychedelic as the song progresses” says Simon. “Chinese hermits, in their high mountain-top retreats, would refer to the land below, with all its needless hustle, worries big and small as The Land of the Red Dust. It seemed an apt description of most of the cites I’ve inhabited…. well at least it used to… now we’re all in self- imposed hermitages of sorts and the streets are for the most part silent.”

It’s an attractive boogie guitar workout, taking bits from Americana, psychedelic rock, fried folk and rockabilly, his grufff vocal secondary almost to the shattering guitar shrapnel, flung around the track in a gloriously haphazard way. Splendid stuff.

Check it out, here

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