TRACK: Jane’s Party shake the powerpop fizz on ‘Change Your Mind’

THE BOX-FRESH, bounce-along-in-your-DMs zing of Jane’s Party really belies how long this Canadian four-piece have been in the game.

Originally meeting in 2006, singer-guitarists Jeff Giles and Tom Ionescu, bassist Devon Richardson and drummer Zach Sutton are actually five albums deep into their recording career, but not for them the hoar and tarnish of too long on the road. 

Latest single “Change Her Mind” has a sweet powerpop rush, tracing a line back through Weezer and into Big Star. It’s bright-eyed and grinning, with great teeth. 

The band say it’s about: “working through a relationship over holding on to past ones or holding out for something better. 

We wanted to capture this feeling of naive youth not just in the lyrics, but in the musical delivery as well; so the guitars were recorded on a cheap, slightly out-of-tune Squier guitar, while the backup vocals sound like all your best buds.”

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