Track: Khemmis – House Of Cadmus

Jason Sinn

Coloradan doomed heavy metal band Khemmis are set to release their new albums, ‘Deceiver’, due 19th November  via Nuclear Blast. To further stoke excitement, the band has unveiled an animated video by acclaimed Romanian visual artist Costin Chioreanu (Carcass, At the Gates) for their new single ‘House of Cadmus’. 

Vocalist/guitarist Phil Pendergast says of the new song,

“‘House of Cadmus represents the lowest emotional point on Deceiver. In it, we explore the seat of our deepest fears, the anchors that we drag behind ourselves for our entire lives. It is also maybe the most important song for me, personally, in our entire catalogue. With it, I cut away the chains that have long held me captive and offer an invitation for everyone who hears it to do the same.”

“We are all weighed down by some aspect of our lives: addiction, abuse, mental illness, fear, regret, and shame, to name a few. These traumas distort our views of ourselves, of each other, and of the world around us. But these are merely stories we tell ourselves, and no matter how all-encompassing they may feel, these stories cannot define us.”

Backed up by some great guitar playing which manages to be both melodic and heavy, Pendergast sounds very much the doom metal God. The track flows through heavy riffing to quieter sparse moments which only help to make the whole track sound even heavier and in turn become an epic doom metal classic.

Check it out, here

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